Teaching 21st Century Skills in School Libraries

Session Description: Library media specialists are uniquely situated to help students as well as teachers develop a broad range of 21st century literacy skills included in the ISTE-NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) and adopted as part of Oklahoma PASS standards. In this hands-on workshop, we'll explore sample lessons in which students demonstrate mastery of 21st century literacy skills as well as a variety of specific ways media specialists can facilitate these skills alongside traditional text-based literacy. Information literacy skills are essential not only for effective research with digital sources, but also for digital citizenship. We'll explore a variety of "powerful ingredients" for blended learning which can be utilized to not only enhance student research, but also increase student engagement as well as achievement across the curriculum.
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Intro Videos:
  1. Did You Know 4.0 (September 2009)
  2. Teacher Movie (Marco Torres, Lesley Univ 2001)
  3. Administrator Movie (Wesley Fryer, UCO 2007)
  4. Librarian Movie ("When I Become a Librarian")

Framework for Digital Literacy
Two Types of Technology Integration:
  1. Accommodation-Level
  2. Transformative
Big Ideas
  1. We don't consider someone LITERATE who can read but not write, yet many people today don't write / create / publish with a computer (Mitch Resnik)
  2. Information literacy is NOT sufficient - We need to focus on COMMUNICATION, THOUGHTFULNESS and EMPATHY (Michael Wesch)
  3. Creativity is VITAL - without creation there is NO creativity (Wesley Fryer)
  4. Interactivity is not enough - kids need to become CREATORS and MAKERS (Mitch Resnik)
  5. We don't just use English in Language Arts - same should go for digital expression (Mitch Resnik)
  6. Expressive environments need to have low floors and high ceilings - AND thick walls (Mitch Resnik)
  7. We need to focus on helping students learn how to Think creatively, Reason systematically, Collaborate with others (Mitch Resnik)

Video Examples and PD Presentation Recommendations
Today's Activities
  1. Tell a Story in 5 photos (Flickr Tell a Story in 5 Photos for Educators)
  2. Create a Video Together: The Library learning environment of your dreams 
  3. Explore Scratch
  4. Petcha Kutcha Presentation Model
Suggestions for School Clubs:
Geographic Literacy (GeoApps)
Copyright Resources (from Storychasers)

Other Referenced Sites