Wes: Hi Scott Wilson
Dawn Danker (presenters): If Kent was right...I'm dad brady
Dawn Danker: bandwidth is a big issue and the idea of how schools use technology
Wes: So the idea of Storychasing technology innovators and barriers in our communities would be GREAT to do
Scott Charlson: Exactly... We have lots of great tools in the cloud, yet not enough bandwidth in most cases to take full advantage of the potential.
Wes: (bandwidth could be a barrier which is highlighted)
Levi Patrick: Update on Ning: Just announced cheapest plan will be $3/month allowing networks to be ad free.
Scott Charlson: I think it would be awesome Wes. Kids go out with their cameras and Zorb cameras etc and file field reports.  
Wes: @Sacra: Welcome to the webinar world! Lots to follow here. But the backchannel is essential with so many folks in the room.
Wes: @Scott YES :-)
Wes: We should write in prizes and incentives for Storychasers, and to have monthly themes as well as prizes
Kent: Scott if each of us are Gifted one day a week what does that mean with 9 or 10 of us?
Scott Charlson: I think the incentives are a must.
Joshua Williams: I agree that it's imperative that this gourp continue to meet. 
Wes: @Scott YES
Wes: Open Educational Resources (OER) and Creative Commons are essential pieces here: http://creativecommons.org/education
Wes: Students are the ones more likely to PRODUCE and give the time required
Joshua Williams: Another cultural issue, Levi.
Scott Charlson: The pardadigm has to shift to allow for teacher planning and curriculum building.
Wes: So we can provide creative incentives for students to create this content: field trips, opportunities to meet with STEM experts in person, network
Kent: How do you get organizational cultures to live by the Google 80/20 rule
Kent: Incentives!
Scott Charlson: Now you are at the essence of creativity ! Thanks Kent !!
Joshua Williams: Don Wilson is right on. The assessment problem has to be oversome.
Wes: When I met with Janet Barressi 2 weeks ago, she asked me to work on a white paper for 1:1 in Oklahoma. Maybe we (as a group) should write a white paper on these themes: STEM, creativity, cultures of collaboration, etc...
Dawn Danker: agreed
Joshua Williams: Great idea, Wes.
Wes: If we meet on a periodic basis, we should record and share our meetings...
Kent: Good idea
Scott Charlson: exactly -- outcomes based.. they know the stuff and can use it to function.
Wes: I can definitely share any of these ideas within the Education committee of the Creativity Project. What about the needs analysis / survey idea?
Dawn Danker: A+ schools has research that shows what benefits you get when you focus on creativity
Scott Charlson: Is it available on your website?
Wes: @Dawn: yes, I need to read that!
Dawn Danker: it's on their website....stand by...I''ll get it
Scott Charlson: thanks Dawn
Wes: Maybe we should empower student storychaser groups to monitor, amplify, and influence legislator meetings about education, STEM, etc...
Scott Charlson: Now that's a cool idea !
Kent: Google proves what happens when you allow time for creativity
Wes: We need to think about ways to influence ''the system'' outside the traditional structures. Creating new structures via the web, learning communities, etc.
Dawn Danker: http://www.aplusok.org/history/reports/
Scott Charlson: Kent -  Nice poster in the background.
Wes: Yes
Tony Brancich: more often than that!
Levi Patrick: @wes , @scott charlson I agree!
Levi Patrick: amen
Joshua Williams: Can we get a WIKI setup so we can continue this conversation offline?
Levi Patrick: his audio stops, but usually catches back up...
Dawn Danker: wiki would be good
Tony Brancich: is it possible for some of us to stick around a bit longer?
Dawn Danker: and I think mor than once a month would be a consideration....Agree with Tony
Scott Charlson: Wiki works for me..
Wes: I'll start a Google Doc and share this with everyone here
Kent: Im free in 2013
Wes: Well, we won't ALL go in the exact same direction, but collaboration to share is good
Wes: thanks
Levi Patrick: thanks - levi.j.patrick@gmail.com
Joshua Williams: Does everyone have Google WAVE acccess also? I have additional invites.
Scott Charlson: Have a most swell and excellent day !!!
Joshua Williams: jswedtech@gmail.com
Levi Patrick: your audio is acting up. you might turn off your video and just use audio
Wes: ok
Tony Brancich: still breaking up a bit :(
Wes: ok, I'm throwing this laptop away :-)
Levi Patrick: @wes - technology, huh? never works when you need it 
Wes: I do agree the assessment issues are paramount. 
Wes: We need to expand the concept of assessment beyond its narrowly defined political view now
Levi Patrick: exactly
Wes: ok I will type this
Wes: In Yukon you are going 1:1 - What would you like to see from a state STEM initiative, that would help your kids think about STEM careers, become content creators, collaborate, etc?
Wes: educational culture change is the goal then
Levi Patrick: I think Scott Wilson might have some perspective on that too
Tony Brancich: common themes in the top three winners last year were centered on teacher certification
Wes: yes
Tony Brancich: and administrator certification
Wes: so how do we get the attention of state policymakers, after we define what this agenda looks like?
Wes: Groups like the Oklahoma Academy try to do this. Maybe we should have our own, invite-only Oklahoma academy event to further develop this shared document and outline a strategy?
Levi Patrick: Education Week just had an article about high quality teacher PD and how it does not affect teacher effectiveness. interesting point related to what we're talking about.
Levi Patrick: I think that ''high quality'' is subjective... we have to rethink PD.
Wes: Levi: Are there examples of openly published content, videos, stories, etc that have been published by K20Alt?
Joshua Williams: We need to start with a compelling picture of wht it looks like, Wes. It seems like we have a fractured voice and no unified movement.
Tony Brancich: I wonder what impact revoking certification for insufficient skills would have
Wes: @Levi are you on Twitter?
Levi Patrick: @_levi_
Wes: thanks
Levi Patrick: and @k20alt
Levi Patrick: i totally agree
Wes: but at least we didn't just hear one third of you ;-)
Tony Brancich: MIT?
Wes: http://www.curriki.org
Wes: I'd love to come see what you all are doing and participate in some of your events
Wes: yes Dawn, exactly
Wes: Teachers have a CONSUMPTION mentality
Joshua Williams: Everyone should read Wes's post on this last night on www.speedofcreativity.org if you haven't already.
Wes: the shift has to include learners as PROSUMERS
Wes: no I'm hearing ALL you :-)
Levi Patrick: i can hear you!
Wes: Daniel Pink ''Drive'' book
Wes: STEM grant should help encourage teachers to CREATE CONTENT
Wes: disruptive change
Tony Brancich: crash the system
Joshua Williams: Culture eats strategy for lunch. Every. Single. Time.
Tony Brancich: you said it josh
Wes: well, 1:1 schools could be in that boat somewhat
Wes: WE are the alternative to the textbook industry
Wes: ok, so let's continue this brainstorm in a Google Doc...
Wes: OK, peace out :-)
Tony Brancich: this same conversation happened in the ether 5 years ago about blogs vs regular media